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About us

We care about the environment! We believe the use of goats to remove weeds, brush, and vines is an environmentally friendly and responsible alternative to machinery or herbicides.

Goatworx began with just two little goats - Gus and Oliver.

 Our family was having a great time on our small farm (Hurricane Hill Farm). And we were getting really good at raising chickens. Our oldest daughter was crazy about our feathered family members. Her younger sister wouldn't leave me alone about bringing some goats home. 

 2013 brought us our first herbivores, Gus and his brother Oliver. Those two little boys stole our hearts and ever since we've been hooked on goats! Over the years our herd has grown and grown.

 Our property was overrun with brush, poison ivy, and kudzu. It didn't take our growing herd long to munch it into submission. That's when it hit me, people could really benefit from this chemical and machinery free approach!

Leaving this world in better condition than we found it in has always been important to us. Using goats instead of machinery or chemicals can improve soil conditions and aid in keeping our water supply safe for generations to come.

Gus & Oliver

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