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Don't let the weeds win!

Our roadsides, fields, shores, woodlands, and backyards are becoming overrun with invasive species and other unwanted vegetation. Machines often can't get to problem areas, humans hands are very labor intensive, and herbicides are dangerous to our waterways, soil, and desired vegetation, not to mention animals and humans.

If left alone, invasive plants can strangle valuable trees threatening important diversity. Open fields and  backyards can become overgrown and create a loss of habitat for wildlife and birds, and can negatively affect the enjoyment of our outdoor spaces.

So you have unwanted vegetation? Our goats provide an alternative to conventional vegetation management methods.  They eat in places where mowers can't operate and where humans hands shouldn't venture. 

Goats, a better way to manage unwanted vegetation.

How it all works

 Goatworx LLC specializes in the management of brush and weeds in backyards, riparian buffers, BMP Retention Ponds, and properties under five acres. 

 Managed annual grazing can be an effective way to minimize poison ivy, kudzu, and invasive seed-bearing weeds while promoting the health of native species. You'll discover that not only do goats provide an environmentally beneficial job at converting unwanted weeds into healthy soil, they also amuse communities by displaying their unique brand of "agri-tainment".

  Before the animals arrive we will install portable electric netting that is energized by a solar powered charger. The goats are trained to respect the netting and stay inside of it.

 Once the animals are delivered they get right to work. Most often they remain on the jobsite until the project is completed.

 We visit our team routinely to perform health checks, provide water, minerals, and to check the condition of the netting.

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